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Global Business Division

Boryung Pharmaceutical entered the global market in 1977 by exporting to Germany and later began exporting antibiotics to Mexico in 1980.
The company has had steady growth in overseas markets ever since.

We currently export to almost 50 countries on six continents, including Japan, China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and Africa.
Our main export items are Kanarb (ARB), Kanarb Plus (ARB+HCTZ), Dukarb (ARB+CCB), Tuvero (ARB+Statin), Besto (H2RA), Gelfos M (Antacids) and other prescription drugs, as well as other antibiotics, cancer drugs, and API.

The Global Business Division has created a new model of global business using our outstanding products, extensive experience, diverse strategy, and trusted. partnerships