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Policies on Safety and Health and Environment

  • Boryung Pharmaceutical will comply with laws and principles, and sincerely implement the following policies on safety and health and environment.

    Policy on Safety and Health

    1. We recognize safety and health activities as our top priority, and acknowledge that safety and health are responsibilities and roles for all of us.

    2. We establish advanced safety and health management system, and employees comply with laws and procedures related to safety and health.

    3. We promote safety and health of employees through safety and health improvement activities and minimize accidents related to safety and health.

    4. We actively communicate and support for safety and health of partner companies based on social responsibility..

  • Policy on Environment

    1. We introduce and operate pollution prevention facilities to reduce pollutant emissions to minimize environmental pollution.

    2. We make every effort to protect environment by practicing virtuous circle of resources through waste reduction activities and recycling management.

    3. We recognize the seriousness of global warming phenomena and establish and implement goals for reducing green-house gas emissions.

    Daniel Chang, CEO of Boryung Pharmaceautical