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R&D Vision·Strategy

Boryung Pharmaceutical – Walking a Single Path for 50 Years, Envisioning a Healthy World

  • R&D Vision

    Boryung Pharmaceutical Pursues Continuously Enhancing Innovation

    Lifetime Care Company

    Boryung Pharmaceutical contributes to the health of mankind through corporate philosophy on interdependence based on humanism and coexistence management. We are unceasingly implementing new research activity to uphold our corporate philosophy.
    Above all, Boryung Pharmaceutical is focused on developing medicine that contributes to the improvement of a patient’s quality of life, and it is on this foundation that we hope to develop into a global pharmaceutical company.

  • R&D Strategy

    Contributing to the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry through the Spirit of Interdependence

    First in Class

    Boryung Pharmaceutical is fulfilling the global License out and growing into a global pharmaceutical company through our drug development, which aims at being First in Class, development of the Kanarb Value-up Pipeline that is centered on the hypertension drug, “Kanarb”, and development of various IMDs to fulfill unmet needs.