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Boryung HR

  • Ideal Person

    BR Ideal Person

    A talent who sincerely sympathizes with customers and communicates with coworkers

    A talent who lead the changes based on creative thinking and the spirit of challenge

    A talent who contiuously researches with professional knowledge and scientific analysis

    A talent who creates unique outcomes based on passion and will

  • Talent Development Program

    Strengthening field-oriented job competencies Spreading SMART Learning It is Boryung Pharmaceutical that values and trains human resources.

    Boryung Pharmaceutical continuously improves job competencies through job performance and education & training to culture excellent human resources.
    In addition, the company provide Boryung Academy that allows employees who want to develop themselves can apply and take online lectures. Various lectures and popular books on foreign languages and various jobs are always available.

  • Recruitment

    Document Screening

    AI Competency Test

    1st Interview

    Sales Academy

    2nd Interview

    ※ Points added - Meritorious persons, War veterans