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HR system

  • Position and Promotion System


    Senior Professional




    Promotion Point System
    · Opportunity for promotion is given when the points are met with criteria
    · Build a horizontal organizational culture based on abilities and roles through 4-stage position system and uniform naming as manager

  • Reward System

    BR Reward System

    Basic Pay


    High Achievement

    Company Achievement


    We keep unconventional incentive system according to achievement of individuals.
    4 times of opportunities for sales position and 1 time for office position are given, providing proper rewards.

  • Welfare

    BR Benefits

  • BR Culture

    • Family Friendly - Support school expenses (Middle, high school, University)
      - Support family events and operate benefit association
      - Flexible working time such as different time to attend the office
      - Provide leaves for family care
      - 99% of annual leave use based on head office

    • Guarantee Work Life Balance - Summer vacation that can be used freely
      - Christmas vacation for all
      - Designate all sandwich days as vacation
      - Guarantee holidays using alternative holiday system
      - Settle regular time to leave work - Free dress code

    • Employee’s Welfare - Provide comprehensive medical examination to all employees
      - Provide overseas travel to excellent employees
      - Operate about 30 clubs
      - Present gifts on foundation anniversary and holidays
      - Provide gifts for birthday, celebrating birth and children who take SAT
      - Support for various family events
      - Re-employment for elderly retirees, provide start-up training

    • Core Talent System - New Frontier system
      . Award for junior position & prize
      . In-house MBA training
      . Provide additional points during promotion evaluation
      - BR Core Talent System
      . Provide stocks of Boryung Pharmaceutical
      . Provide special incentive
      . Special training & mentoring

    • Cooperation with the Disabled Achieved 100% employment of the disabled
      - Owned qualifications for the occupational counseling for the disabled
      - Telecommuting system
      - Provide various work opportunities when necessary
      ※ Received the award of Ministry at 2020 Employment Promotion Competition